About Us



Hawai’i.  The name evokes people all over the world to dream of soft tropical breezes, warm azure blue seas, brilliant flowers and stunning beauty found nowhere else. Say Hawai’i to photographers and they want to be the ones to photograph those awe-inspiring images of flowing rivers of lava, other worldly vistas of volcanic mountains, rare birds, breathtaking surf, reflective bays, waterfalls, sunrises and sunsets that will give pause to anyone who views them and evoke that dreamy longing.  We know.  We are photographers who live and work in Hawai’i and who offer photographic tours to professional and serious amateur photographers. Our tours offer the opportunity to see and photograph the unique and inspiring beauty that is Hawai’i.

Hawai’i Photography Adventures offers tours to photographers of all levels. Our tours present the opportunity to capture striking images of the dramatic beauty of Hawai’i which all photographers want to add to their portfolios. We have intimate knowledge and years of experience to take you to areas in the Hawaiian Islands where finding these images is possible.

Although our main focus for our tours is the Big Island, we offer tours to all public islands in the Hawaiian chain with either our Big Island-based guides, or by referral to tour guides who reside on other islands. Our tours include hiking tours, boat tours, helicopter tours and tours by vehicle. Customized, multi-day, multi-location tours are our specialty.



Our guides are experienced, local photographers who understand the needs of both professional and serious amateurs alike.  We understand the passion that drives photographers to find and photograph unique and stunning beauty, action and adventure. Our guides have either grown up on the Islands or are long-term residents who are knowledgeable in locations for photographing active lava flows, the majesty of Mauna Kea and our other dormant volcanoes, rare Hawaiian birds found nowhere else in the world and breathtaking waterfalls and ocean vistas.

In Hawaiian culture the natural environment is respected and protocols are observed when interacting with sensitive and culturally important areas of the environment. Our guides can give you legal access to these areas, observing important Hawaiian culture protocol for entering. This respectful interaction with the natural world is very important in Hawaiian culture and Hawai’i Photography Adventures follows spiritual and cultural protocols with all our tours.